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Get paid on the spot when you drop off your scrap metals in Stoystown, PA. At MRES Scrap, we're your solution for getting rid of recycling metals and receiving top dollar for them. We pay cash for small loads up to $100 in value, and we pay by check for any load worth more than $100. Our business works with both commercial and residential customers, accommodating drop-off at our Stoystown location. Visit our site today to request our services or scrap metal prices.

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Dispose of Your Metal Waste Responsibly

Has a demolition or remodeling project left you with a substantive amount of scrap metal? Our metal recycling facility is more than happy to take your scrap metals off of your hands and repurpose them. At our scrap yard, we proudly accept metal waste from contractors, companies, and individuals to clear their space and gain a little something for doing so. When you sell your metals, you can take pride in having disposed of your waste responsibly, in addition to making way for something greater.

Offering Local Pick-Up Services

We proudly serve those with large quantities of main scrap metals to sell. Feel free to bring your haul to our car scrap yard and metal processing plant to get rid of your otherwise unusable metals and earn something in return. However, if you’re unable to bring your scraps to us, we’ve got a solution for you. At your request, we’ll deliver our large-scale roll-off containers to your location and retrieve them once they’ve been filled. Note that if you require our delivery and pick-up services, we must include a separate charge per pound of each item scrapped.

Whatever your needs, you can always expect respectable pricing and excellent service from our aluminum recycling specialists. Should you have any questions regarding our services or your scraps, our knowledgeable, friendly team members are happy to help.


The Vehicle Code (1 75 § 1119 §§ B) provides that a vehicle owner is subject to prosecution and the payment of fines and costs if the owner attempts to transfer title of a motor vehicle without properly notarizing the Certificate of Title. This is true even when the vehicle is being scrapped.
For information about compliance with this requirement, contact your local law enforcement agency or the Pennsylvania State Police.

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About Us

Come to MRES Scrap to sell ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We offer higher prices than other metal recycling scrap yards, and we serve manufacturers, construction contractors, and military contractors who have large quantities of scrap to sell. Additionally, our company accepts scrap metals from individuals and homeowners. Bring your load to us for a good deal—if that's not possible, we own roll-off containers that can be delivered to your location and picked up when filled. Please note that when we pick up scrap, there is a separate charge or a price reduction per pound.

At MRES Scrap, we pride ourselves on being honest. Our truck scales and floor scales at each location are tested every year by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Weights, and Measures. And, all drop-off weights are punched on a ticket that you receive. Feel free to call our scrap yard office in Stoystown, Pennsylvania, at (814) 629-9400 for more information about our services for recycling metal.

Contact our scrap yard to put your metal waste to better use. We proudly serve commercial and residential clients in Stoystown, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas via our two locations.


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

(814) 629-9400

Hours of Operation
Stoystown Location
Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.
(Closed for Lunch, 12:00 p.m. - 12:30 p.m.)

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Stoystown, PA 15563

Secondary Address
1317 Main Street
Johnstown, PA 15909

Service Area
Stoystown, Pennsylvania, and Surrounding Areas
(Johnstown Location by Special Arrangement)